Product Design / Industrial Design

Through the synthesis of form, function, usability, ergonomics, marketing, experience and strategy, we facilitate the creation of a new product to be sold by a business to its customers. Our approach consists of strategic and tactical activities, such as research, idea generation, visualization and rapid prototyping that ultimately delivers a successful product for mass production.

Consider us a part of your team. Our design group is highly motivated, dependable, and goal-oriented. We consistently create effective solutions to complex problems and produce quality results.

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial Design (ID) is the professional service of creating products and systems that optimize function, value and appearance for the mutual benefit of user and manufacturer.

Industrial designers develop products and systems through collection analysis and synthesis of data guided by the special requirements of their client and manufacturer. They prepare clear and concise recommendations through drawings, models and descriptions. Industrial designers improve as well as create, and they often work within multi-disciplinary groups that include management, marketing, engineering and manufacturing specialists.

Source: IDSA