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One Source. Custom Services.

FILE2FAB is your source for Product Development, Additive Manufacturing, Training and Low Volume Production. We provide a significant edge to companies seeking a competetive manufacturing advantage. Our investment in design, engineering and production technologies will dramaticlly reduce your time to market. From concept to completion FILE2FAB offers stand alone or packaged services that will help you define your concept or product idea. Whether it's a simple scan, print, model or combination of services we can help. Contact us for a free consultation.

3D Printing. Make It Real. Quick.

FILE2FAB provides custom 3D Printing solutions to meet your project needs. Print functional or mock up prototypes using your CAD file or one we create for you. We work with every major CAD and design program. Print concepts, jewelry, parts, architectural models, sculptures, toys, or functional components. If your file's volume is less than a 6" cube, we can start printing it today.

3D Printing Services

3D Scanning. High Speed, High Resolution

FILE2FAB's 3D scanners measure the geometry of a physical part and convert it to an accurate virtual digital file. The scan file is then further modeled and developed using advanced CAD and reverse engineering software. We can save the file for you in any digital format so you can send it to a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) partner, have it 3D printed or save it for reference.

3D Scanning Services

Product Design. Simple Solutions.

From primary concept to final production we are committed to developing your concept into a successful product.

Product Design Services

Reverse Engineering. Physical to Virtual.

We can extract design information from a 3D scanned part and re-produce it as a 3D file for use in CAD, visualization or manufacturing. FILE2FAB has digitized parts that are no longer manufactured and created production files for re-manufacturing. Our customers use the digital files for manufacturing, competitive research, analysis, education and preservation.

Reverse Engineering